Travel Security

International travel is part of business culture today...sadly, so is kidnap for ransom, hijacking, robbery and human trafficking...


Our Private Investigators can provide detailed threat assessments and travel security advice for any destination in the world - as well as live monitoring (and SMS, Email and Phone Notification) of emerging threats during travel.

Whilst many of us live and work in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other major Australian centres we must not naively assume that the rest of the globe is as safe to navigate.

Our Private Investigators and Security Experts have first hand experience leading travel security deployments in hostile regions throughout the world. Those same staff have personally managed the security of high risk travelers on the ground.

Plan to manage the worst case scenarios and then remain focused on security whilst travelling.

You've seen the movies and read the books...Sadly there is an element of truth to all of them! If you doubt that, open a new internet browser window and enter the search phrase:
"Business Person Kidnapped"
That is only one example of the risks associated with international travel, especially when obviously on business. 

Organisations (and their leaders) must ask themselves:

What if you or your staff were hostage in a terrorist attack?
What if you or a staff member was gravely ill or the victim of serious crime in a foreign country?
Does your organisation know where all staff are deployed internationally?
Have staff members been trained to deal with any of the aforementioned issues?
Do you know whether your products are being shipped through channels prone to hijacking?
Have you closely inspected the exclusions clauses on your travel, marine and/or cargo insurance policies?
How would the organisation react/trade if its off-shore supply chain were closed by force?
How would the organisation operate if a major supplier was neutralized without warning?

Solution: Business Protection Group can provide intelligence support and associated incident response, together with security training to prepare for and/or deal with all of the aforementioned risks - and more.

With backgrounds in law enforcement, the military and intelligence, operatives are able to gather information, analyze it and provide intelligence outputs to decision makers about the ever changing complexities of doing business in a volatile global environment.

Call today for an obligation free discussion about these and any other travel security related matters:

Private detectives and investigators assist individuals, businesses, and attorneys by finding and analyzing information. They connect clues to uncover facts about legal, financial, or personal matters. Private detectives and investigators offer many services, including executive, corporate, and celebrity protection; preemployment verification; and individual background profiles. Some investigate computer crimes, such as identity theft, harassing e-mails, and illegal downloading of copyrighted material. They also provide assistance in criminal and civil liability cases, insurance claims and fraud cases, child custody and protection cases, missing-persons cases, and premarital screening. They are sometimes hired to investigate individuals to prove or disprove infidelity.

Private detectives and investigators may use many methods to determine the facts in a case. Much of their work is done with a computer. For example, they often recover deleted e-mails and documents. They also may perform computer database searches or work with someone who does. Computers allow investigators to quickly obtain huge amounts of information, such as records of a subject's prior arrests, convictions, and civil legal judgments; telephone numbers; information about motor vehicle registrations; records of association and club memberships; social networking site details; and even photographs.

Detectives and investigators also perform various other types of surveillance or searches. To verify facts, such as an individual's income or place of employment, they may make phone calls or visit a subject's workplace. In other cases, especially those involving missing persons and background checks, investigators interview people to gather as much information as possible about an individual. Sometimes investigators go undercover, pretending to be someone else in order to get information or to observe a subject inconspicuously. They even arrange to be hired in businesses to observe workers for wrongdoing.

Photo/Video Surveillance
Photo/Video Surveillance
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