There are many ways in which we can help you. The service we provide may draw on any or all of the services listed below. Your problem may not fit neatly into one these 'categories' call us to discuss it. You are under no obligation and remember it's free to ask!

Matrimonial and Divorce Enquiries:
We can supply a full report or statement for your solicitor. It is your decision whether to act on the information supplied. Both our male and female staff have a great deal of experience in this area. We can provide photographic evidence where required.

Peace of Mind Reports:
We will provide you with a full and unbiased report of the issues you are unclear on, allowing you to deal with the matter, then move forward with your life.

We can use a single investigator or a team for private surveillance. They will use the latest technology available and our experts will travel anywhere in the world in order to gain the best results for our clients.

Tracking Systems:
If you suspect your wife/husband/partner's vehicle is going where it shouldn't, then we can install sophisticated tracking systems. They are hidden securely in or under the vehicle and can be tracked remotely every step of their journey to an exact location.

Trace Enquiries:
If you need to locate anyone for any reason we can find them for you.

They say that walls have ears! our sophisticated debugging equipment will see if they have. We can sweep private residences and vehicles at any location at any time.

Overseas Assignments:
Over many years we have been required to undertake enquiries abroad. With the greater integration with the EU, this is becoming more normal. This experience enables us to carry out our investigations to the full for our clients.

Court Attendances:
All employees of PIB will attend court to give evidence as to the results of their enquiries.

Hire or Sale of Covert Equipment:
We can advise, hire and supply vehicles and equipment to suit every requirement.Ser
Course Contents:


  • An Introduction to a Private Investigator

  • Civil and Criminal Laws in India

  • Importance and Role of a Private Investigator, The code of ethics

  • Obtaining a License as a Private Investigator

  • Types of Crimes and Investigations

  • Theft, Fraud, Deception, Assault, Accident, Trespass etc

  • Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Photography

  • Criminal Profiling, Portrait Parle and Modus Operandi

  • Forensic Science and Criminology Basics

  • Forensic Experts, Scientists and Investigators

  • Introduction to Fingerprint Verification and Handwriting Examination

  • Methods of identification and Sources of information

  • Evidence- Gathering, Preserving and Presenting

  • Background Investigations, Protection and Security

  • Writing Opinions, Preparing a case file or Reporting to client

  • Starting a business & Career as an investigator and Getting Clients




Course / Certification Type Fee (INR)

Indian Students

Fee (USD)

International Students

Max. Duration
Online Free Foundation Course Coming Soon Coming Soon 05 Days
Short Term Certificate Course in Private Investigator (Detective) 5000 Rs. 200 USD 02 Months
Advanced Diploma Course Certification in Private Investigator (Detective) 10,000 Rs. 300 USD 06 Months
PG Diploma Course Certification in Private Investigator (Detective) 15,000 Rs. 500 USD 12 Months
Certification (Expert / Gold) in Private Investigator (Detective) 20,000 Rs. 500 USD 06 Months
Professional Specialized Certification in Private Investigator (Detective) 30,000 Rs. 750 USD 12 Months
Universal Certification in Private Investigator (Detective) 35,000 Rs. 900 USD 12 Months

Indian Students may use Universal Currency Converter from to pay fee in other currencies...


NOTE 1: International / Outside India students who wants printed notes, books and ref. material by courier / post, then 200 USD will be charged extra. (Optional)


NOTE 2: Students enrolled for courses having course duration more than 6 Month can pay their Course Fee in max. two installments, but Rs. 750 / USD 20 will be charged extra. (Optional)


ONLINE Examination System: Students will have to appear for an Online Exam for each semester. Online Examination includes Objective / Multiple Choice Questions and Descriptive Type Questions. They’ll also have to submit one Assignment for each semester.



1 Objective / Multiple Choice Exam (Paper-1) Sem.1 50 Questions – 100 Mark

For Short Term Certificate, Advanced Diploma, PG Diploma and All other Certifications (Having duration up to 6 months)

2 Descriptive Exam (Paper 2) Sem. 1 4 Questions – 100 Mark
3 Case Study (Paper 3) Sem. 1 1 Question – 50 Mark
4 Assignment (Paper 4) Sem. 1 1 Assignment – 100 mark
5 Descriptive Exam (Paper 5) Sem. 2 10 Questions - 100 Mark For PG Diploma and All other Certifications (Having duration more than 6 months)
6 Case Study (Paper 6) Sem. 2 2 Questions - 100 Mark
7 Assignment (Paper 7) Sem. 2 1 Assignment – 100 mark


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