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All entertainment facilities pose security challenges, but sports stadiums definitely top the list. These facilities, in which thousands of people congregate on a regular basis, have to meet especially demanding security, safety, communication and building automation criteria. Safety risks inside a stadium can include, fire, rioting, vandalism, and terrorism. Outside the premises, similar risks apply for spectators waiting to gain admission or leaving after a game.

Human Safety: the Number One Priority
Progress is constantly being made in all areas of life. This also applies to the construction and renovation of sports stadiums, many of which have become modern urban landmarks. Because human safety takes absolute priority, the only responsible choice is to take advantage of the best available, state-of-the-art technology, like the products available from Bosch Security Systems that offer a perfect fit for the security, safety and communication requirements of sports arenas.

Security, Safety and Effective Communication for Sports Facilities
High-profile sporting events in particular pose many challenges:

  • Terrorism, fire, rioting and vandalism need to be prevented and/or responded to
  • Athletes and staff require special protection
  • Sections of crowds may need to be separated (e.g., fans supporting opposing teams at soccer games)

Many modern sports stadiums are multipurpose venues that also host concerts and other cultural events. These facilities require professional sound systems that are capable of high-quality music reproduction and that can be used to support evacuations.

Bosch Products and Solutions
Bosch offers a wide range of products and solutions to effectively manage a stadium during both normal commercial operation and large events such as concerts and games. They let you:

  • Efficiently monitor all areas and activities to immediately detect fires, emergencies and threats
  • Detect potentially hostile groups at an early stage to curb the risk of riots and violence
  • Support fast, controlled evacuation of the facility
  • Integrate all safety, security and communications solutions in a building management system
  • Effectively execute press conferences around sports events and support multi-purpose use of the stadium

Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help meet the security, safety and communication requirements for entertainment facilities as set by associations such as FIFA.

Fire Alarm and Voice Evacuation Systems
Fire breaking out within or near a stadium is a major threat. It is vital to quickly detect, locate and verify a fire in order to contain it and protect people and property.

Bosch fire panels and detectors are ideal for this and much more:

  • They apply multiple intelligent criteria to ensure fast, reliable detection under a variety of conditions
  • Modular systems maximize flexibility, e.g. for future expansion
  • They interface with sprinkler, ventilation and public address systems to fight fire events of all kinds
Coordinated Evacuation
In the event of a fire or other emergency event, it is vital to maximize safety by evacuating the stadium. Large-scale evacuations take time, and the situation can quickly become dangerous if panic breaks out. Clear announcements support coordinated evacuation to keep everything under control.

Modular public address and voice evacuation systems from Bosch facilitate this. They let you make announcements in certain zones only or everywhere at once. Crystal-clear sound quality from a wide range of loudspeakers ensures full coverage and audibility throughout the stadium.
Vandalism and rioting are major issues in some parts of the world, and the ability to deal with these safety and security risks is crucial. The presence of large crowds in a relatively small space increases vulnerability to these problems, as well as to bomb threats and terrorist attacks.

To avoid problems, it is often necessary to physically separate the fans of opposing teams. Unauthorized individuals also need to be kept out of sensitive areas to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks. Spectators must also be monitored both within and outside the stadium from a central control room.
Bosch Video Surveillance
The Video Management System from Bosch enables complete management of all video surveillance elements. High-resolution CCTV cameras can continuously monitor groups approaching and entering the stadium, as well as bleachers to identify offenders. Special directional microphones can be used to record events.

Bosch Advanced Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)
Enables early detection of suspicious behavior such as loitering or walking in off-limits areas and alerts the security operator when appropriate. Its “forensic search” function enables fast retrieval of relevant video sequences.
Bosch offers a complete range of intrusion alarm panels and detectors for all types of applications. These ensure increased security outside operating hours while delivering added value in combination with Bosch’s CCTV systems for advanced video verification in case an intrusion alarm is triggered.
Bosch’s award-winning sensors use advanced motion detection technology to offer maximum protection from intrusion in all types of premises, while minimizing costly false alarms. Highly reliable and stylishly designed, they offer unrivalled signal processing capabilities. Our Professional Series intrusion detectors use the revolutionary sensor data fusion approach and comply fully with all current EU regulations.

Our product range also covers innovative control panels that meet your needs. Our Easy Series Intrusion Control panel secures private homes and is extremely easy to install. Versatile transmission solutions communicate via landline and cellular telephony, GSM, radio, Internet or intranet and can be integrated into existing systems.

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Photo/Video Surveillance
Photo/Video Surveillance
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