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The worst affected victims of divorce are probably the children. The most traumatizing situation for a child is perhaps seeing oneís parents getting separated. Being the constant witness to fights and emotional tumult among his or her parents is certainly an unfortunate circumstance for a child. A divorce results not only separation of spouses but also breakdown of an entire family. As for a child both of the parents are dear to him or her, being away from one of them can hamper his emotional state of mind severely. Hence, child custody and child support is an important affair in divorce that should be dealt with care to ensure a bright future for the child.

Child support is one of the most important forms of alimony or spousal support post divorce. As child support is for the benefits of the child both the parents are expected to take the initiation to make proper provisions on child support alimony. Incase if it is a mutual divorce, parents should consult the lawyer to help them in dealing with the child support prior to the filing of the divorce petition. In a contested divorce the receiving parent must make it a point to claim a hansom amount from his or her spouse as the sum of money for child support is solely concerned with the welfare of the child.

Child custody is well related to child support as the parent who is awarded with child custody is the one who receives child support from the other parent or the one who gets the visitation rights. Though alimony is the part of taxable income for the spouse who gets it but on the contrary the child support is exempted from tax for the person who is granted with the child financial support. The spouse who is paying the child support already pays the tax levied on the support amount to the government.

Child support and visitation rights also have a positive effect on the child. Due to frequent meetings with the separated parent will make him or her believe that he or she is still close to the parent. On receiving both the emotional and financial support from the other parent will certainly lead to a feeling that his or her parent still loves and cares for him.

Terms of child custody and support are elaborately mentioned in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. If the child is a minor, the mother is the unanimous receiver of the child custody and support. Children who are above the age of five, generally it is the mother who is granted with the child custody and support in case the child is girl while the custody of the boy passes on to the father. Generally child support is provided to the parent who has won the right of child custody but is not that economically sound enough to carry on with the maintenance of the child alone. In practice, the mother claims the child support from the father, who is financially well off.

Currently, there are approximately 18 million cases handled by state child support enforcement agencies each year, and experts say that the more mobile society becomes, the easier it is to avoid child support obligations.

Child support enforcement personnel throughout the country wage a daily battle to enforce court-ordered child support payments. Collecting the funds, often necessary to provide children with the basics of survival, is a time-consuming and frustrating process for State Enforcement personnel. But for child support evaders, keeping that money in their pockets is often as easy as moving to a new state where no records of their obligation exist -- until now. Under a new program, an evader can get arrested and thrown in prison.Child custody in India is one of the most essential parts of life after a divorce in India, since separation goes beyond just affecting the spouses.

Children are frequently witness to the fights and arguments. Growing up, in such an emotionally tense environment can be quite traumatic for the kid(s). Staying in such an atmosphere can be bad for the mentally developing young adults and adolescents, but a divorce also breaks down the entire household.

From that innocent perspective, he/she doesnít understand much besides the fact that mummy and papa arenít going to staying together anymore. That fact itself is enough to send this juvenile spiraling into a world of confusion where he/she might not fit in to the already existing social construct. Hence, it is imperative that decisions regarding child support and custody, be taken with utmost care. These pivotal decision will go on to shape the entire future of another living being that two spouses brought into this world together.

When we are taking finance, support is the most important form of post-divorce financial settlements. In terms of alimony, support etc., the welfare of the children is taken as the fundamental point of importance.

In an uncontested divorce, the parents have methodologically planned, as to how they will coordinate between one another, ensure that the innocence of growing up is left untainted. On the other hand, in a contested settlement, the parents need to prove to the court their capability to provide an added dependent, and in turn demand a generous amount for the from the other part in lieu of the taking sole parenting responsibilities.

Alimony that is received as an outcome of a divorce in India provides the party giving the amount tax exemption on that particular amount. But for the spouse that same money received is not viewed similarly, and is taxable under the laws and rules laid down by the government.At the end of the day it is important for you son, or daughter, to feel loved by both parents. If either parent is irresponsible about this aspect of a settlement, then they must carry the burden of having abandoned his/her own at a particularly vulnerable, and impressionable time. Consistent meetings with both his parents, st least at first, helps them to adjust to the new reality of living with only one adult, who must now play the roles of both parents.

While having ones financials in place is essential to continue a pre-existing lifestyle, it is also of primary importance that the son, or daughter, of divorced couples help them to cope with the changing surroundings and circumstances on a day-to-day basis. For the emotional and mental stability of a growing mind, it is advised that both parents take an active role in this process of coming to terms with such an unfavorable change.

The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, has detailed explanations on the terms of after divorce child support and custody in India. Upon observing recent cases and judgments, there seems to be a trend of allotting parental rights to mothers. While rights groups might object to the same, it would be suitable for the courts to only pass such judgments after having understood with which parent would the young adult or adolescent be better off.

A minor child more often than not, goes to the mother. In cases where the child is above 5, the girlís custody goes to the mother, while the boy is given to the father. This may seem to be a very archaic criteria when one comes to think of it, but at the end of the day, psychological studies have shown mothers to have greater impact on the adolescents, who reciprocate, since they feel the need for a maternal figure much more.

Fighting it out over child custody in India is especially difficult given the comparatively narrow-minded society we live in. Not only will the kidís own peers judge him/her, they might also tend to make it central to a continuing cycle of mental abuse.

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